Recently, I posted a GitHub issue about introducing a better Marketplace for Universal Dashboard dashboards and components. It got some good feedback so I decided to resurrect the old marketplace and update it for 2019. The Universal Dashboard Marketplace is now live at:

It contains dashboards and controls that are published to the PowerShell Gallery with the tags ‘ud-dashboard’ or ‘ud-control’. Once an hour, the Marketplace syncs with the Gallery to expose updates to the collection of items available.

Publishing Your Own Items

To publish your own items, head over to the Publish page of the Marketplace to read about how to produce a module that will then be listed on the Universal Dashboard Marketplace. By using modules, you have the ability to add descriptions, licensing, versions and any other metadata that is relevant to your dashboard or control.

Improving the Marketplace

Unlike the previous version of the Marketplace, this marketplace is entirely open source. You can view the code over on the GitHub. If you find issues or have enhancement requests, please file them in this repository. Contribution information is available and the site is licensed MIT.

Improving Universal Dashboard with the Marketplace

In an effort to make using Universal Dashboard easier, there has been some discussion of improving the module to interact with the Marketplace. We are considering ways of making parameterized dashboards easier, controls easier to locate and install and making it easier to publish dashboards are modules to the PowerShell Gallery. If you have any ideas of how to improve UD to take advantage of this service, please discuss on this GitHub issue.