What is the Windows PowerShell ISE?

The Window PowerShell ISE is a development environment for Windows PowerShell scripts. The ISE supports debugging, syntax highlighting, IntelliSense and a terminal. The ISE is no longer being updated with new features or bug fixes. Microsoft recommends that you use

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What version of PowerShell do I have?

You can check the version of PowerShell by starting the PowerShell command line. This can be done with either PowerShell.exe or Pwsh.exe. Once the command line is open type $PSVersionTable and press enter. The version information will be listed.

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How do I a run a PowerShell script?

The easiest way to run a PowerShell script is to run it with the PowerShell command line. For Windows PowerShell, you can open PowerShell by pressing Windows+R and then typing PowerShell.exe. This will open the Windows PowerShell prompt. from here

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What is Windows PowerShell?

Windows PowerShell is a command-line shell and scripting language developed by Microsoft to manage Windows machines.

Windows PowerShell 5.1 is the current version and last version. The PowerShell language, shell, and accompanying tooling have been rewritten using cross-platform technology. Windows PowerShell

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