PowerShell Pro Tools has some great features for building user interfaces. Until now, these tools are focused on building Windows desktop applications. Today, I’m happy to announce the first release of the PowerShell Pro Tools Universal Dashboard.

Install-Module UniversalDashboard

This PowerShell module is focused on a web-based dashboard experience. The module itself is cross-platform and runs anywhere that PowerShell Core or Windows PowerShell is available.

An example dashboard

Web-Based Dashboards Built Entirely in PowerShell

Both the front and back end of the dashboard are authored in PowerShell. The user interface controls, format and coloring is controlled via cmdlets. Controls that display data retrieve it from endpoints defined in the same script. HTML, JavaScript and endpoints are generated based on the defined script to produce the dashboard.

Rich Data Visualizations

Using ChartJS, Universal Dashboard can display data in various chart formats. Charts can be updated on intervals and over time. Time based charts, called Monitors, can be used to chart scalar values, like CPU usage, over time.

Custom Formatting and Colorization

Using Materialize, a Material Design implementation, Universal Dashboard can be stylized and the layout configured to meet specifications written into the script. The grid system can be used to easily organize components. Custom colors for the dashboard and the charts allows for each user to add their own unique flair.

Customizable Live Data

Each component can be updated on a customizable refresh interval to call the endpoint and display a new set of data. Each components interval can be different.

Grid and Tables

For displaying textual data, grids and tables can be utilized. Using jQuery DataTables, Universal Dashboard can display a grid of data that is searchable, sortable and pagable. Additionally, simple table data can be shown.

Run Anywhere PowerShell Runs

Universal Dashboard currently supports running with Windows PowerShell v5 and PowerShell Core v6. As PowerShell Core runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, so does Universal Dashboard. Display dashboards on any machine running anywhere.

Learn by Example

Check out the example dashboard over at the PowerShell Pro Tools GitHub repository. Additional documentation can be found over on GitBooks. I would love to see examples of dashboards built with Universal Dashboard. Feel free to submit a pull request to the examples folder.

Get it now!

PowerShell Pro Tools Universal Dashboard is already available on the PowerShell Gallery. If you own a copy of PowerShell Pro Tools, you can install Universal Dashboard and start building dashboards today. A license key is required for each additional machine you intend to run the dashboard on. Use the special server license for this purpose. If you have any questions about Universal Dashboard or other PowerShell Pro Tools features, you can always reach out to adam[at]poshtools.com.

See it in action