Today, I released an update to the PowerShell Pro Tools PowerShell module. Before today the module was only capable of packaging. As of today’s release, you can also convert code using two new cmdlets within the module.

Code Conversion Cmdlets


ConvertTo-PowerShell, as you may have guessed, converts C# to PowerShell. There are a couple different options, path or text, that you can specify to get the job done. This uses the same code conversion library as PowerShell Pro Tools for Visual Studio.


ConvertTo-CSharp, as you may have guessed, converts PowerShell to C#. You can specify a path to PS1 or PSM1 files, script as text or a PowerShell script block

Both cmdlets accept file paths via the pipeline so you can fire a items at it to convert batches of scripts or CS files. Both also support wild cards and path resolution.


The module now has up to date help! This was something that was lacking in the latest release of the module so you’ll be happy to see that all cmdlets are now properly documented.

dotnet cli 2.0.0 Support for Merge-Script

Merge-Script has received a bit of love and now supports the pre-release versions of dotnet 2.0.0. It also reports errors in the correct stream. Before it was reporting errors to the Verbose stream so it was pretty easy to miss.

The module is available on the PowerShell Gallery and is at your finger tips with a simple Install-Module command.

 Install-Module -Name PowerShellProTools

You can get a hold of a trial key on the PowerShell Pro Tools Page.