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I had the pleasure of traveling to Bangalore, India for PowerShell Conference Asia 2019. Bangalore is in the state Karnataka and is a bustling city of around 9 million people. The conference took place at the Microsoft office on the Outer Ring road south of city center.

Microsoft Office Bangalore

Microsoft Office Bangalore

This was the 5th year of PowerShell Conference Asia and the first time in Bangalore. It was boasted as the largest yet. It had over 200 people with speakers and attendees.


My Talk: Interactive interfaces with Universal Dashboard

I talked about how to create interactive websites with Universal Dashboard to a full room of attendees. I presented how to refresh data, create interactive controls, like buttons and textboxes, create input forms and charts. The final demo was a live demonstration of UDChat. I had the attendees login to the UDChat website and we had messages flying from their phones and computers up to the monitor in real time.

The talk went really well and was well received. I had a 5-star rating with over 23 reviews. There were lot’s of questions as most people had never heard of Universal Dashboard before. Many of the questions were regarding whether or not they could replace their desktop applications with Universal Dashboard. The answer was yes! Due to the real-time nature of Universal Dashboard, you can replace many desktop applications with it.

An Unfortunate Circumstance

On the third day of the conference I was supposed to give a talk on interactive maps. The new feature to Universal Dashboard is one I’m excited about so I had pitched the session and had it accepted by the conference organizers. For the days leading up the conference, I toured Bangalore by foot and tuktuk to see some of the sites. I took pictures and recorded my walks via Strava so that I could use this data in my talk. Unfortunately, I was struck with severe back pain the morning of the talk and had to be taken to the hospital. I have to thank Ravikanth Chaganti for assisting me in both my travel to the hospital and making sure I navigated the Indian healthcare system. 

I’m fine and may require a bit of surgery due to a preexisting condition with my back that presented itself somehow during my time in India.

I have released a blog post about one of my favorite demos that I was going to present during my talk. It shows how I tracked my data via Strava and overlayed the polylines for the tracking data on a UDMap: Drawing GPX files on UDMap.

UDMap with Vector Layers

Until Next Year

Aside from my back problems, I had a great time at PowerShell Conference Asia. It was great to meet all the organizers, speakers and attendees. I had some great discussions, got to show of what I’ve been working on and even see some of India.

All of the content for my two presentations can be found on the PowerShell Conference Asia GitHub repository.