PowerShell Pro Tools now supports PowerShell 6 and 7

With PowerShell Pro Tools, You can now switch between Windows PowerShell and PowerShell 6 and 7. The PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio host now works with .NET Core and can run in all three environments. You can make the switch in the options menu or using the toolbar dropdown.

Better Async Support for PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

To improve the startup of Visual Studio, PowerShell Tools now better implements async extension support. It will load completely in the background and shouldn’t stop Visual Studio from loading at all. In addition to improved loading performance, interaction with the PoshTools host process, now powershell.exe or pwsh.exe, is all done asynchronously using gRPC.

Improved RPC performance using gRPC

To support PowerShell 6 and 7, the RPC was changed from WCF to gRPC. Not only does this work on .NET Core but it also uses Google Protocol Buffers to support extremely fast communication between the host process and Visual Studio.

Improved General Options Dialog

A new and improved General Options dialog has been created to better support new options for PoshTools.