We’re continuing to expand the PowerShell Universal platform with even more cool features and fixes this week. Since our release last week, we’ve added a handful of great Universal Dashboard tidbits in an effort to achieve feature parity with UDv2.9.

You can download PowerShell Universal from our Downloads page. If you have PSU installed already, you should get a notification of the upgrade shortly.


Security Settings Git Synchronization
The form and authorization policy settings are now synchronized to git. This means that, while you can edit these settings in the PSU interface, you can also manage these settings directly from code. Just like the existing UA settings, any changes made to git will be reflected in the UI and take effect almost immediately.

Universal Dashboard

Theme Support
PSU now supports UDv2.9 themes. You should be able to bring along your existing themes and style dashboards hosted in PSU.
Scheduled Endpoints 
Scheduled endpoints are back! You can now use New-UDEndpoint and New-UDEndpointSchedule to cache data in your dashoards.
Dashboard Diagnostics
Memory usage, sessions, and endpoints are now visible on the UD info page.
UD Admin Terminal
The Universal Dashboard Admin Terminal has been a great debugging tool for dashboards for over a year now. PSU now implements the admin terminal so you’ll be able to execute commands in the UD runspace.

Persistent Dashboard Versions

The Universal Dashboard frameworks now persistent across installs of PSU. That means you get to choose when to upgrade your dashboard to the next version. You’ll also be able to upgrade versions of UD independently of the PSU platform. This will help provide more control and better compatibility.

Changelog (1.1.0)

– Fixed an issue that prevented cmdlets from loading PSv5.1
– Add-UDDashboardFramework now returns pipeline output
– Default endpoint now listens on all addresses, not just localhost
– Fixed an issue with dashboard pages and spaces
– Fixed an issue with the UDv2 grid not loading
– Added -Version to Add-UDDashboardFramework
– Added support for UD scheduled endpoints
– Added memory usage and session count to dashboard page
– Added theme support for UDv2
– Added custom log path appsettings.json
– Added UD Admin Terminal
– Roles are now sync’d to git
– Auth Methods are now sync’d to git
– Session diagnostics for UD
– Endpoint diagnostics for UD
– Dashboard frameworks are now persisted across installs