Today, we’re happy to announce Universal Automation 1.1.0! 🎉

Universal Automation is the PowerShell-first automation platform. We’ve made a bunch of big improvements and bug fixes since our last release.

New Dashboard

We’ve unified the Universal Automation Desktop and Server version UIs. We think you’ll love the new, sleek experience.

New Installer

We’re now releasing an MSI-based Windows installer for customers that wish to get started quickly without having to configure anything right away. Rather than installing from the PowerShell Gallery, which you can still do, you can now just double-click the MSI and the UA agent and dashboard will be installed as services.

You’ll still be able to configure the UA server and dashboard scripts after the service is installed.

Docker Image

We are also providing a Docker image! You can pull the 1.1.0 image from Docker Hub. This is a great way to give UA a shot without having to install or configure anything.

docker pull ironmansoftware/universalautomation:1.1.0
docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -p 10001:10001 ironmansoftware/universalautomation:1.1.0

One-Time Schedules

You can now schedule a script to run a single time in the future.

Editing Scripts within the UI

You can now edit scripts directly in the UA interface. No need to jump to VS Code, commit to git and have it sync in UA. Just click the edit button.

Added a pipeline output table

We’ve improved the pipeline output table to expand objects sent to the pipeline.


Git Synchronization Status

You can now view the status of git synchronizations within the UI.

Concurrent Job Limits

You can now limit the number of concurrent jobs run on the agent. This can help with resource contention.


Download and play with Universal Automation today! You can run a limited number of jobs for free, forever.

Read the documentation and submit or feature requests