PowerShell Universal Dashboard has had a major injection of ReactJS. The latest version completely replaces the static HTML, JavaScript and CSS generation with a ReactJS-based single page application. The new version is built using the new version of ReactJS released last week. The new version no longer relies on deploying temp files and abstracts the client interface completely away from the back end. This will ensure more fluent user experiences and faster development cycles.


The brand new Poshud.com is a running instance of PowerShell Universal Dashboard host in Azure. The interface and back end is completely built with Universal Dashboard. Head over to GitHub to see the source that runs the site. The site is also a useful resource for checking out the supported components and formatting options. It will be updated regularly as new functionality is added to Universal Dashboard.

New Components

Multi-Page Dashboards

UD now supports multi-page dashboards. Instead of just specifying the content of the dashboard, you now have the option to pass in an array of pages. Each page can contain the same content as a single dashboard. In addition to the content you can specify an icon and name for the page. This is used to generate the URLs and navigation to the different pages in your dashboard.


UD now exposes a New-Card cmdlet to display simple Material Design cards that can contain titles, text and even links.


Another new component is the counter component. By specifying New-Counter, you can create a card that automatically calls an endpoint to specify a numeric value. The value can be formatted with Numeral.JS to display data like bytes or currency. Additionally, you can specify a FontAwesome icon to add some extra flair.

New Licensing

PowerShell Universal Dashboard is now being licensed as its own product. It no longer will fall under the PowerShell Pro Tools license. Current holders of the PowerShell Pro Tools license still have the right to use Universal Dashboard because it was part of the license, until now. Future purchases of PowerShell Pro Tools will not include a license to Universal Dashboard.

Universal Dashboard will be licensed at 19.99 a seat. Developers may use a license on as many machines as they wish as long as they are the primary users of that machine. The license may not be shared among developers. Servers running  Universal Dashboard will require an additional license. For OEM or site licenses, please contact me at adam@poshtools.com

Click here to purchase a license.