PSScriptPad is the tiny, little editor for PowerShell. It includes syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, debugging, a Windows Form designer, script packaging, and now, PowerShell 7 support. PSScriptPad is only 4Mb and can be downloaded from our website. No installation or configuration are necessary to use PSScriptPad.

Using PowerShell 7 with PSScriptPad

When you first open PSScriptPad, it will default to use Windows PowerShell x64. You’ll notice in the top right corner it will list the currently selected PowerShell version.

Additionally, the PowerShell selection drop down will show the current PowerShell version.

You will need to ensure that you have PowerShell 7 installed. You can download and install it from the PowerShell Team’s GitHub repository. You will have to restart PSScriptPad after installing it. PSScriptPad will also work with PowerShell 6.

After installing it and restarting PSScriptPad, you can select PowerShell 7 from the drop down on the top of the tool. When you select the new version, you’ll notice that the version number in the top right of the tool has switched to version 7. This indicates that a new session has started using the version you selected.

Note that when you switch versions of PowerShell that the old PowerShell session will be disposed of. If you had state that you wished to save, you should ensure that you do so before switching PowerShell versions. To prove that you are running a new version of PowerShell in PSScriptPad, try typing $PSVersionTable into the Terminal window. You’ll see the output from the PowerShell 7 environment.

PowerShell 7 supports Windows Forms. Because of this, you’ll be able to build and run your Windows Forms scripts from PSScriptPad. The form designer can be used to design your form and the debugger can be used to start and run it. PowerShell 6 does not support Windows Forms.

Currently, PSScriptPad requires that you perform the MSI installation of PowerShell 7 so it knows where to find it. We’ll be making the path customizable in the future. Also note that PSScriptPad only works on Windows. You can download PSScriptPad today and try it for free. Visit out downloads page to grab the 4Mb exe.